Sunday, 21 July 2013

Something between Micro Services and ROA

A post from July 2013 on Microservices I never finished but now, in 2014, like to reference. It's unchanged, so take it with care and read Fowler's and Richardson's stuff first.

I've read two interesting articles recently one on Divide and Conquer and another one on Simplicity*. Both advocate a new pattern of maximum decoupled services called Micro Service Architecture (by Fred George).


This reminds me of NoFlo and Mathematical Visualizations and Abstractions. The strength of Micro Services is not the Continuous Deployment or Decoupling but enforcing to think about organization and the connections of functionalities, because one cannot simply tangle them.


However, Micro Services are still services, which means verbs. If they would be nouns, there would be no need to manage tangling because the complexity would already be in the hypermedia.

Maybe something in between is the future of Software Engineering, where Data is managed in REST but logic as Micro Services can be moved between the tiers, as horizontal view of vertical data.


*) The solution to this within Yammer is DropWizard, an approach going in the direction of Cell Architecture, with Autodeploy features added and a noun-based approach. A little bit like the Java answer to the 12 Factor App and Docker but, in my opinion, too much of a data expose layer with some PaaS candy.

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