Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ätzende Architekturmetaphern

On JAX 2013 I gave a talk "Ätzende Architekturmetaphern". The main thesis was that software architecture has arrived at a point very similar to one in the history of urbanism, where two main streams merged. The one coming from the tradition of society, the "organic" one. The other coming from the machine age and functionalism, the "mechanical one". Via a short detour over emergence, a new kind of theory materialized - what Vidler called "the third typology". It lead to a new approach of "bottom-up" research, cumulating in the analysis of informal architectures, i.e. slums. This new way of critical theory could very well apply to the current state of our profession, where we are looking for a way to include resilience, rhizomatic structures, information flows, evolutionary design and agility into our architecture.

As Prezi does not feature longer transcripts, this is the reading list (received on April 25th 2013):

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