Wednesday, 25 July 2012

On Mixed Model Mobile Apps

Charlie Kindel recently published "Apps must be cross-platform", an article I mostly agree with. Would only add Cross-Device and a grain of pervasiveness. My 2009 thesis supported the same argument, that cross-platform should neither be agnostic (like HTML5 or Java ME) nor purely generative, it should abstract business logic but embrace user experience. Therefore, I decided to finally publish some of the content (1,2) in concise form (Iteratively, as I am not allowed to publish the thesis itself), looking back.

In Architecture without ArchitectsBernard Rudofsky claimed that architects should learn from premodern architectural forms. At IT architects we should learn from our users, embrace user experience. Apply "ilities" not general, but where they belong. Performance and Usability at the presentation tier. Reuse, scalability, maintainability and requirements traceability in the business tier.

Art made by walking. Source: Richard Long

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